Quarter IV
Time of construction:   2004 - 05 (competition 2003)
Engineer:   Baywobau Baubetreuung GmbH www.baywobau.de

Peter Zirkel Architeken www.pzarchitekten.de

+ Wörner Architekten www.wp-net.de





The real estate agency shows here besides ground plans also a lot of photos from the inside and pressopinions.

Hotel de Saxe - situated facing the Neumarkt

After the reconstruction of the Cosel Mansion and the Chancellery another building at the Neumarkt opened its gates in april 2005: the Hotel de Saxe, which has been erected jointly by the investors Baywobau Munich and Mübau Frankfurt am Main. The site between Landhaus- and Moritzstraße covers 2013 square meters. Whereas it towards the Neumarkt introduces itself as a copy of a historical state, contemporary houses were erected at the sides. Baywobau did not reconstruct the ground plan of the Hotel de Saxe (1) but the front and the adjoining house, the so called "Salomon Pharmacy" (2) (see the rough design).

Site plan

  Salomonisapotheke und Hotel de Saxe
Front towards the Neumarkt

New buildings
The Baywobau had arranged a competition for the façades of the two new houses for which no exact source material for a reconstruction was available. The jury with the architect Eberhard Pfau in the chair chose the office "Peter-Zirkel-Architekten" and the architecture office Wörner und Partner - both from Dresden. Striking are the big dormer windows and the restrained appearance. The fire wall to the potential adjoining site will remain without windows. As long as the houses in Wilsdruffer Straße still stand, the Moritzstraße will remain a cul-de-sac.

The architectural planning of the whole project falls on the engineering society IPRO DRESDEN.


(Particulars about the new houses)

Interview with Peter Zirkel



"Wörner und Partner" - Residential property with entry and exit to underground garage with several hundred parking spaces.

"Peter-Zirkel-Architekten" - View from the Moritzstrasse - Hotel de Saxe and new building.
Windows from the new buildings. Source: www.pzarchitekten.de/index_3.htm

News Quarter IV

British Hotel entsteht
Yet another new house in Quarter IV will be erected in 2008: the former "British Hotel". Investor is the swiss limited company Hapimag. (www.hapimag.com).

Further information:
by Dr. Jens Beutmann (31.05.2007) - with a ground plan of the British

(Photo: Landhausstraße 6 in 1917, source: Fotothek/SLUB)

October 2006
At the international Expo Real property show in Munich the Urban Planning Office of Dresden offers two building sites for sale, the British Hotel and the site at the Landhausstraße/Friesengasse: www.dresden.de/pdf/infoblaetter/Exposee_QuartierIV__BritishHotel_Friesengasse.pdf


December 2005 - Salomon is here again

The patron of the former Salomon Pharmacy stands since 05.12.05 on a pedestal at the Hotel de Saxe.




The close-up of the roofs of Quarter IV shows a combination of traditional slanting tiled roof and flat-topped roofs, pointing into the courtyard area. Unfortunately this unconvincing combination of traditional mansard and flat-topped roofs beetween the new building (Wörner) in the Landhausstraße 2 and the Hotel de Saxe at the Neumarkt is visible from all directions. This uneven combination is not satisfactory. (Picture: Beginning of September 2005).

The Steigenberger Hotel chain is the proprietor of the new Hotel de Saxe. Further information on their homepage http://www.desaxe-dresden.steigenberger.com

Ground plan second and third floor. Further ground plans, cross sections and a model

Neumarkt - östlicher Teil
Eastern part of Neumarkt before 1945 (
blowup). The pale house in the centre of the picture is the Salomon Pharmacy. To the right the nineteenth century Post Office for which the old Hotel de Saxe was demolished in 1888. The reconstruction of the earlier barocke building is however more important for the homogenity of the overall impression of the square.

Hotel de Saxe
Hotel de Saxe, demolished 1888.

Hotel de Saxe
The hotel with the distinguished concert hall came into existence in the first half of the nineteenth century by joining three independant houses with three storeys and mezzanine, which since the reconstruction in 1760 had been connected by the high mansard roof. The Hotel, which to a great extent was unadorned, differed refreshingly from the more richly ornamented houses. It was demolished in 1888 and replaced by the neobaroque Post Office, which was unfavourable for the square.

Denkmal König Friedrich August III.
The King Friedrich August II bronze memorial by Ernst Julius Händel from 1867. The king holds in his hand the constitution, which he was forced to sign in 1831. The Wettiner family and the citizens have always interpreted this memorial very differently. In the background the nineteenth century Post Office.

SalomonisapothekeSalomonis Pharmacy
The four storey building with pilasters and ornaments under the windows in the middle ressaut, was reconstructed simplified in 1760 without the latter. The front was marked by a big attic in the top storey. The Salomon Pharmacy was established in 1753 and a statue of Salomon placed at the corner facing Landhausstraße.

1842/43 the poet Theodor Fontane, who was the son of a chemist from Mark Brandenburg, spent nine month as a chemist assistant in what was then called the "Struvesche Apotheke".

geborgene Bronzebuchstaben
Seven saved bronze letters from the signboard over the display window. Completed and fixed. Mounting and photo: Wolfgang Made. May 2002. Denkmalschutz Dresden.

Corner Salomonis Pharmacy


Aufmaßzeichnung Figur Salomon
Salomon figure: five saved and compounded parts of the approximately 1,5 m high Salomon figure made of sandstone, red-green-gold painted.

Salomonisapotheke Dresden Neumarkt
Model of the Salomon Pharmacy and the Hotel de Saxe.

Fronts in the Landhausstraße. Source: Baywobay.

The British Hotel
(former Beichlingen Mansion with Palais de Saxe)
To Quarter IV belongs also the British Hotel which will be joined with the Baywobau project.
The reconstruction of this building, from which a lot of single parts were saved from the ruins after 1945 for later reconstruction, has been classified as a model building by the Dresdner Urban Planning Office. The mansion was built in 1715 for the chief falcon-master and chamberlain Count Wolfgang Dietrich von Beichlingen.

Landhausstraße 6, build 1711-175. The block was erected together with the Palais de Saxe by George Haase and Georg Bähr and reconstructed after 1760 without substantial changes. Under the segmental arch was the coat-of-arms of a later proprietor, L.G. von Hoym.


British Hotel - the foundation for the reconstruction of the front: saved and still existing architectural parts orange coloured. (From: Bernd Trommler, thesis, Technical University Dresden).


Sketch map of Quarter IV Blue coloured: So far erected part of Quarter IV, the Baywobau with the Hotel de Saxe and Salomon Pharmacy. Yellow coloured: Former Beichlingen Mansion with the British Hotel (model building) and the Palais de Saxe. (Reconstruction is out of the question for the next 30 years, because of the neighbouring residential properties, the so called Szegedhaus). For the time beeing there is a small green.



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