Quarter II
Block An der Frauenkirche

Time of construction:   2004-06 - Reconstruction of business premises and residential properpties with restaurants


V.V.K. of Dresden (Vermögens- und Verwaltungskanzlei zu Dresden, limited company) Website: www.vvkzudresden.de

Present owner:   In 2007 the concern has sold the area developed by them to the Dutch Schild Holland Fonds. The selling price is unknown. The project is presented at the website www.shf.nl

Architects:   Kai Uwe Kießling and Matthias Peikert (reconstruction and passage) ARGE Architekturbüro Dr. Walter Köckeritz BDA and Planprojekt zu Dresden, limited company; website: www.koeckeritz-architektur.de

Engineers:   Ingenieure Erfurth + Partner; complete load-bearing construction planning including engineering control and excavations (locally)

Stuccoworks:   Firma Jörg Wilke (Berlin)
References: Taschenberg Hotel, Hotel Adlon Berlin etc.

The Carree an der Frauenkirche in October 2007

Seen from the Neumarkt: left: entrance Salzgasse, right: Rampische Straße. Facades: the house to the left, the former "Swan Hotel", and the house to the right are model buildings. Also the house in the middle, "The Bell", has been reconstructed after historical model. Drawing: VVK.

The biggest house, An der Frauenkirche 13, is called "The Swan". It was erected between 1740 and 1746. Thirty years earlier George Haases had created the house Rampische Strasse 1. The lopsided bay is especially conspicius. The building in between, An der Frauenkirche 14, looks narrow and small. It is called "The Bell" and dates from 1708/09.

All four facades of the houses at the beginning of the Rampische Strasse are reconstructed.

Seen from the Salzgasse (no. 7; no. 8 and An der Frauenkirche 13). Two narrow buildings are simple modern interpreted with traditional plaster facades, tiled roofs and high sitting windows with transposed plastered window recesses.

Rampische Straße 3, 5 and 7 before the destruction in 1945.


Quarter II between An der Frauenkirche, Salzgasse and Rampische Straße.

Model of the building project of the VVK January 2004

Rampische Straße no. 7 before 1945

Coselpaais und Nachbarbauten

Photo before 1945, Coselpalais
und Buildings "An der Frauenkirche"

Blick in die Rampische Gasse






View in the Rampische Gassse before 1945


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