Quarter III/1
Time of construction:   2007 - 08 (competition 2006)
Engineer:   Baywobau Baubetreuung GmbH www.baywobau.de
Architects:   IPRO + Wörner Architekten www.wp-net.de

The project is presented by the Dresdner Immobiliengesellschaft.

The site marked with white on a photo before 1945

Meanwhile demolished: former cellars of the Baywobau site. Source: www.archsax.sachsen.de

Survey of the townplanning for Quarter III/1 Red: Model buildings - respectively fronts


Fronts An der Frauenkirche. www.cosmo-dresden.de/q3.htm

Baywo changes plans.
„Saxonian newspaper“ of May 13th 2006: After many Dresdners had critizised the drafts of Quarter III the investor reacts: "There are many reservations towards the plans for Quarter III. The Dresdners have also made themselves heard criticly in the SZ. We alone have more than hundred complaints", says Torsten Kulke from the Society for the Rebuilding of the Historical Neumarkt. (..) We shall very likely decide on an adapted front", announces Bernd Dietze" from the Baywobau Dresden. At this his company will react to factual criticism.

Finally a changed IPRO draft was carried into effect.


In approximately the same perspective from the dome
of the Frauenkirche before 1945. Photo: Fotothek/SLUB

In the picture to the rigtht: Drafts from the architectural office Wörner for Quarter 3 - An der Frauenkirche 22. Front competition first prize 2006, Blowup and more information on




Source: Baywobau
Winner of the competition: Heike Böttcher for Neumarkt 6 and Wörner & Partner An der Frauenkirche 22 / Blowup

A comparison with the situation before the war shows, that the facade in neorenaissance style of the first house in the Landshausstrasse will be redoubled. Blowup (Source: Baywobau)

Blowup / Contemporary postcard (Source: Fotosammlung: Dr. Holger Rohland)

Farbige Rekonstruktionszeichnung der Landhausstraße

Coloured reconstruction drawings of the first 7 houses in the Landhausstrasse - 2003. Originator of this drawing is Andreas Hummel from our Society.

Details and blowup here
! (in german)


Neumarkt at the beginning of the twentieth century. (Photo: SLUB/Fotothek). In the foreground: Türkenbrunnen (The Turkish Well). / Left: Quarter I, Frauenkirche / In the middle: Quarter II (view towards the Rampische Strasse/ right: Quarter III).

Neumarkt before 1945. View from the entrance of the Frauenkirche towards Quarter III/1

Picture of the area which today is called Quarter III-2 with a view into the
Rampische Strasse. Taking: 1930. Blowup

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