Recent photos from the Neumarkt area



Pictures from the Neumarkt January 2008 by Frank Schober – here Quarter III and the dome of the Frauenkirche.

  Quarter III – Landhausstrasse mansard roof (still without roofing tiles).

Christmas tree in front of the Quarter of the Frauenkirche (QF). More pictures from Neumarkt December 2007.

  Valuable basement remnants of walls in Quarter VIII are being removed by an excavator. Here the still standing walls at the Schloßstraße. December 2007

Neumarkt Panorama from 3 December 2007 by Frank Schober (blowup at By way of comparison the same perspective from 23. December 2002 - about 5 years earlier in a photo collage by Thomas Kantschew.


View from the Hotel de Saxe towards the arising roof landscape of Quarter III, “The Jewel at the Frauenkirche”. - Pictures 29.11.07

  View of the Quarter V/2 "Heinrich Schütz Residence". Modern extension facing the Kleine Kirchgasse.

An der Frauenkirche 16-17: The Rabitz vault is being build into the future taproom of the Augustinian brewhouse. Further photos from November 2007.

  Not yet finished wooden door for the reconstructed town house An der Frauenkirche 17. New photos from Quarter V and III (24.11.07).

View from the Frauenkirche dome towards Quarter III. Additional photos from 10/07


Traditional bricks for the external walls of the Heinrich Schütz Residence. More photos from 10/07


Quarter III is gradually taking shape. For the time being the top storeys are under construction. photos October 07


The reconstruction of the Kurländer Mansion is also making good progress. View towards the north wing October 3 2007.


Views of the Neumarkt by Frank Schober (September 2007) - Here: roof-landscape of Quarter III towards the Landhausstrasse


Inger Sørensen (Denmark) views the building activities around the Neumarkt from the Royal Palace to the Kurländer Mansion (09/07). Part 2 and part 3


Photos from the Neumarkt by Frank Schober (Beginning of August 2007). On the photo: facade sampler on the Baywobau concrete carcase of Quarter III / Photos September 2007


Some exposures from the tower of the Kreuzkirche towards Altmarkt and the sourrounding area from 01.01.07. (On the Photo: Basement foundation of the medieval townhall) - and photos from Neumarkt


View of Quarter III under construction (Landhausstrasse) - Additional photos by S. Baumgärtel and S. Schiller from July 2007 / Frank Schober looks at the new Baywobau-Quarter from above


Weiße Gasse in the neighbourhood of the Neumarkt with a view towards the Frauenkirche. Photos part 2 / Neumarkt photos July 2007 (part 4) by H. Wunderwald


Excavations of the cellars of the British Hotel (Landhausstraße) - additional photos from June 2007 by Frank Schober, also of the Kurländer mansion


View from the roof of Hotel de Saxe towards the construction site of Quarter III (Photo by Frank Schober) - Photos part 2 June 2007


View from the turret of the Frauenkirche towards the construction site of Quarter III - Additional photos from May 2007


Steps on the staircase of the City Museum (Landhaus). Here were the works submitted for the competition of a new Gewandhaus on view


Quarter III grows from basement to ground floor level. Additional photos by H. Wunderwald from April 2007 (part 3)


Everday scenes and spectacles on the Neumarkt. Photos by S. Baumgärtel from April 2007 (part 4)


The building project An der Frauenkirche 16 and 17 has meanwhile reached the roof construction. Additional Photos from April 2007


Reconstruction of the Kurländer Mansion. The south wing in traditional brick grows quickly. Photos by Kirsten Sørensen from the palace tower (April 2007)


View from a window in the Hotel de Saxe towards Quarter VI, Johanneum and the Royal Residence. Photos by Pär Svanborg (Sweden) from March 2007


Thrilling building activity around the Neumarkt. Here a part of Quarter III springs into existence. Photos by Inger Sørensen (Denmark) from March 2007


March 2007: Also the pre-cast building behind the corner house in the Münzgasse is being restored and brought up-to-date environmentally with insulating mats.


Historical cross-vaulting in the rear part of the Kurländer Mansion. Additional photos from March 2007 - part 2


The Dresdner firm USD has at last begun to rebuild the Kurländer Mansion. Here the plinth on the south side. Photos from January part 3. Photos from February 2007


The fourth spiral staircase copper spire in the roof landscape of the royal residence supplements the courtyard. In the background the tower-like spire of the Georgentor from 1902. Photos from February 2007 part 2


The east wing of the Dresdner Royal Residence ist now without scaffolding. Photos from January 2007


The shopping mall in the newly opened Quarter II is fitted up in a matter-of-fact contemporary style. Photos part 2. (January 2007)


Quarter II has been freed from the last scaffoldings. The latest Photos by Siegmar Baumgärtel from 15.12.06, Photos Dezember 06


A difficult townplanning situation. The Moritzgasse ends for the time being in the backyard of the block of flats in the Wilsdruffer Straße. In front: excavated cellar of the Hotel Stadt Rom. Photos November 2006

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